Invalid Binary message from iTunesConnect


I made some iOS4 updates to Listerful last week to take advantage of the retina display, but had another frustrating experience with Apple's submission process. After submitting the app, the portal would eventually turn the status to "Invalid Binary". Mind you, the Application Loader reported "Success", and I received no email to that effect, it just flipped the status and waited for me to check in. So my first failed submission sat for almost a week before I realized it! I tried a few more times, trying a few things found on StackOverflow, but to no avail.

Eventually I double-checked my info.plist and discovered something. I added CFBundleIconFiles per the new guidelines, but there was an empty entry in the array list. I removed that and re-submitted, and it was finally accepted!

Seriously, how hard would it be for Apple to expose those kind of validation errors?