Embed errors using Flex SDK and Antennae


A project I'm running finally got to the point where we needed automated builds for our Flex code.  Everything worked fine in FlexBuilder, but when I tried to use antennae (cool product if you haven't tried it yet!), I got a lot of the dreaded "Invalid Embed ..." errors ... over 100 actually.  I scoured google for posts, thinking my problem would be solved from here, here, or especially here.  None of those worked. I tried making changes of all sorts: relative to the referencing file, absolute to the context root, absolute to the actual file system path(!) ... nothing.

The weird symptom was that a single change would result in a different number of errors.  So a path error might be reported 4 times, and the build yielded 107 errors.  Making one change in the MXML would turn into 112 errors.  WTF?!  It drove me batty for a couple days.

Finally, I just went through all the MXML and CSS files and made all the asset references absolute to the context root of the SWF ("/assets/images/...")  Voila!!  Suddenly everything built perfectly!

Crazy.  Some of the posts I saw suggested you should always use relative paths.  Well, in this case, going absolute was my fix.


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